About us


With more than 3 decades servicing the Mass Market since 1976, St Teresa Taekwondo Centre has come a long way transforming more than 3,000 Taekwondo students into Blackbelters.

By establishing ourselves as the Top 5 Clubs in terms of membership as an affiliate of Singapore Taekwondo Federation, we have become a Market Leader , targeting the young to the old.

In view of the dedication and commitment of the team of Coaches, we have achieved Top 100 Companies Excellence Award and a recipient of Singapore Quality Brand Award in year 2013. It has also been the hard work of our Founder Mr Edmund S K Tan.

Our number of students has been growing in strength and magnitude ever since , leading to the need for establishment of our Headquarters. A New Brand ‘Pinnacle’ has been created to cater to the needs of students who train at our new Studio. This marks a milestone in our expansion as we realize there is a niche market for the growing affluence of our Society. Parents generally want the best for their children, so we are creating a Boutique Taekwondo Studio for the cool comfort of our students to train in a safe environment, with a small class ratio, so students will be able to enjoy more attention from the Coaches.

Progression is a key word in our Context, as we plan the path for our students, talent spotting them for Competitions , Leadership roles with Character Development and Discipline as a Top Priority.

Moving on, we hope to open more Boutiques to serve this class of customers.

THOMSON TAN (Hp 9 388 2846)